Kathy Rose Profiled on Celebrity Baby Blog

Jewelry designer Kathy Rose (owner of famed jewelry boutique Roseark)


Jewelry designer Kathy Rose is fast becoming an expert at walking the line between Hollywood and mommyhood.

Between being a stylist to the stars (Madonna was her first famous client!), constantly keeping up with the latest trends and winning big reality competitions like last winter’s Launch My Line on Bravo, she always does her best to carve out time for those who matter most — her family.

“Being away from them while filming the show was brutal,” Kathy, 38, tells PEOPLE’s Celebrity Baby Blog.

“That was the hardest part. Fortunately, my kids are really close to my husband, Rick, so they had a lot of ‘daddy time’ and they loved it!”

Mom to daughter Saffron, 3, and son Quinn, 19 months, Kathy draws a lot of her inspiration from her little ones.

“A lot of my last fine jewelry collection was inspired by my daughter,” she says.

“I started using a lot of citrines and yellow diamonds with fire opals — they have that saturated saffron yellow color, which I love.”

Little Saffron benefits from mom’s cool job, too. “She has her own ’special box’ in my West Hollywood store, Roseark, where she collects things she finds, like rocks and stones,” Kathy explains. “She definitely knows the difference between ‘mommy’s rocks’ and her own, though!”

Born in Iran, Kathy’s interest in jewelry design stems from a childhood fascination with stones and their properties. “I remember being really young and obsessed with our encyclopedias, especially the letter ‘g’ for ‘gems’,” she recalls. “I would look through all the gems — emeralds, garnets — and study everything about them.”

Her studying certainly paid off. After material mom Madonna sported her signature icicle earrings, Demi Moore was photographed wearing them soon after, as well. “It was the best feeling in the world,” she recalls. Other celebrity mom fans include Courteney Cox-Arquette, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep.

So how does the busy mom top that? “At the moment I’m working on my new fine jewelry collection,” Kathy reveals. “And I’m also designing a more affordable jewelry line with different stones and metals.”

We can’t wait to see what she has coming up next!

— Kate

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